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Daniel Kruse

MBA Program:

Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business

McGowan Class of:


Current job (2021): Director of data analytics and performance reporting at Upgrade, Inc., a great entrepreneurial opportunity at this young neobank founded in 2016.

What the role entails: Build a team of data analytics professionals and a strategy to leverage data to improve decision-making.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Why the MBA? He was drawn to the quantitative aspects of Tepper’s program and the humility embedded in people he met. 

As a Fellow: He helped develop the charter for the program. The fellowship is still “an incredible opportunity to build relationships and collaborate to make a real difference in ethical leadership.”

Plans and passions: “Become a leader in my field, continue mentoring and coaching others, build businesses in the start-up phase, become a real estate mogul in Arizona, be an incredible husband and father, stay in shape and healthy mentally and physically, influence people to become more ethical in their lives.”