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Danielle Sewell

MBA Program:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

McGowan Class of:


Before Sloan: Project manager at SkillUp Washington, a workforce and education collaborative.

Remembering the fellowship: “During our fellowship, we looked at how an ethics curriculum could be implemented in schools. It was a worthwhile project, yet what I most remember was the opportunity to spend time and build connections with an amazing group of people. It was impressive to see how the simple tie of the McGowan fellowship across very different schools could bring together a group that shared many values, shared a sense of integrity and thoughtfulness toward others—and that could immediately have fun together.”

On being an ethical leader: “It’s easy for leadership to become about an individual—about one person getting ahead, driving a company forward, or trying to ‘change the world.’ To me, ethical leadership is about humility and empathy. The ethical leader doesn’t think as much about themselves or even an end goal but instead looks at how they are showing up in each interaction, moment to moment, day by day. The ethical leader asks, ‘What word or action would be helpful in this moment? How can I support others in this moment?’ This orientation changes the world without ever trying to.”

Ethics at home: “I’m inspired by approaches that decrease our household footprint.” One measure she takes: gardening. “But mostly I just like plucking a cucumber or sprig of basil from the backyard for dinner.”

And in the community: She volunteers and donates to Chief Seattle Club, a nonprofit that supports Native people.