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Nipun Jasuja

MBA Program:

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

McGowan Class of:


Current position (2021): Executive director, JPMorgan Chase.

Before Wharton: Senior engagement manager at Oliver Wyman, a management consulting firm.

Lately he’s been leading: The inclusive customer experience agenda for the part of JPMorgan Chase that he works in. “Thinking about our products holistically and how we make them work for every individual regardless of circumstance or ability is quickly becoming a huge passion.”

In his free time: He loves to cook “[mostly] for the joy of feasting with loved ones.”

The fellowship offered a lot, including: “The opportunity to venture outside the Wharton bubble and become part of an incredibly giving community. It gave me the opportunity to learn about metabolic syndrome (MetS) and work with a talented group of peers. … Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to get to know nine remarkable individuals who still continue to be close friends.”

Ethical leadership is: “About operating with a sense of purpose and energy to achieve ambitious goals. It is leadership that emphasizes thoughtful, data-informed, and openly reflective decision-making. It’s about doing what’s needed, even when it’s not your job.”