Letter of Inquiry

All organizations applying to the McGowan Fund for the first time or who have not received competitive grant funding in the past three years must submit an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI). You can access the online LOI via our online application system.

Please note: If you have received funding only through our (invited) discretionary grants program, you will need to submit the LOI if seeking an unsolicited grant.

Once submitted, the LOI will be reviewed to determine whether the organization and project fit within the scope of the interests of the Fund. If it is determined that your organization and project fit our criteria, your LOI will be approved online, and the LOI will automatically become a draft application. You will receive electronic notice of LOI approval with other pertinent information, and you will be invited to submit an application.

Before submitting a LOI, we encourage you to peruse our website to determine your eligibility and get answers to FAQs.

Submit Letter of Inquiry