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Christy Steele

MBA Program:

Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

McGowan Class of:


Current job (2021): Venture capital investor focusing on technology investments related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and next-generation consumer experiences like mobile gaming and virtual reality.

Location: Washington, DC, area

This is a totally natural evolution, because: “Before the MBA, I was a film producer and award-winning photo editor for organizations like National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, and Science Magazine. During that time, I also ran my own business creating marketing content and designing websites for small businesses. This experience of running a business motivated me to the MBA at Georgetown University, which led to the entrepreneurial world of venture capital.”

When she’s not scouting for the best founder/entrepreneurs in the world, she’s been: Sea kayaking and backpacking through the Alaskan wilderness and traveling around Scotland with a backpack, hiking some of the most beautiful trails and mountains in the country. Also visiting family.

On the McGowan fellowship: “The McGowan fellowship was an incredible opportunity that added a valuable perspective as I got my MBA and then moved into the investment world. I believe that being an ethical, thoughtful, and grounded leader is essential in any role in any industry and I value the learnings received through the McGowan fellowship.”