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Our Goal?

A world where integrity, courage, and empathy rule.

For the McGowan Fund, concern for ethics in business and society runs deep. You’ll find it in the biography of our namesake, who fought monopoly and built gigantic MCI, which later imploded in the felonious hands of his successor. You’ll also see it  in our actions after the 2008 financial crash and through the ensuing plight of the unhoused. Today we continue to promote the practice of sound and principled leadership in the way we work and in our programs.

We invest in the promise of next-gen leaders.

Founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the McGowan Fellows Program brings 10 talented MBA students from top-tier institutions together every year and challenges them to examine the nature of leadership, ethics, character, courage, and more. The rewards, alongside a year’s tuition, are resume-building, life-changing, and, in the long-term, community-changing.

We celebrate extraordinary performance.

The nation’s most generous employee profit-sharing plan. A company-wide ethos that asks, “Is this the right thing?” Recipients of the McGowan Ethical Leader of the Year Award are standouts—and models for all of us. The award is steered by a prestigious panel and hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management.