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The Goal

The Fund makes community grants to 501(c)(3) organizations, with the goal of fostering healthy, independent, and sustainable lives. To that end, we support both life-changing efforts and immediate needs.

Working on a trimester schedule, we focus on three pillars of life:



including out of school programs; charter, faith-based, and alternative schools; and scholarships for high-potential students in K-12 private education. Learn more.

Human Services

with an emphasis on access to housing, as well as addressing barriers to food and work. Learn more.


primarily access to care. Learn more.


The Details

A grantee must be a 501(c)(3) organization | Grantees must work in one of our five regions | Recent Grants | Apply

We work in these five communities in the U.S.

Our grantmaking serves five regions:

  • Denver and Eagle County, Colorado
  • Rochester Metropolitan and Yates County, New York
  • Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties, Pennsylvania
  • Kansas City Metropolitan, Kansas/Missouri*
  • Chicago neighborhoods of Austin, North Lawndale, Illinois*

*LOIs are accepted by invitation only. Learn more about our grantmaking eligibility rules.

McGowan’s community grantmaking supports our mission.

Funding Focus

The Fund puts an emphasis on the building blocks that adults and children need to flourish. While many community efforts are important and enriching—including the arts, animal welfare, and civic life—the programs that are most likely to receive our support hone to our mission and vision of addressing the roots of poverty. In our community grantmaking, we look toward programs that address immediate needs and those that reach for long-term impact in the lives of vulnerable families and individuals.

The Details

Mission, Vision, Inclusion | Education | Human Services | Healthcare | Recent Grants | News

Apply for a grant

Read our eligibility and application guidelines.