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Joseph D. Brannock

MBA Program:

University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

McGowan Class of:


Current job (2021): Director, energy storage development at Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC , a U.S.-based renewable energy company.

Before Ross: R&D physicist at Megawatt Solar, a technology-centric renewable energy company.

His main cause: “Is one that I have been fortunate enough to build a career around: creating better and more sustainable sources of energy.”

Secret skill: “Selecting exactly the right size Tupperware® that will just barely fit the leftovers without taking up any more room than necessary in the fridge.”

Ethical leadership means: “Understanding one’s own values and upholding them consistently with our words, actions, and decisions. This is especially difficult—and especially important—when it might be more convenient or more profitable to let them slide a little.”