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Karen O. Diehl

MBA Program:

Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business

McGowan Class of:


Current job (2021): Vice president and manager, Vendor Strategy and Operations at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where she leads a team to develop and execute a comprehensive sourcing strategy for the U.S.-based personal and small commercial business unit.

Location: Boston

Her work record: Liberty Mutual, 3M, and Keurig—where she built much of her expertise.

When she’s not developing and executing strategic initiatives: She’s exercising on her Peloton, cooking, traveling internationally (33 countries to date), or renovating (DIY) her Victorian home, which she shares with her two daughters and husband.

An enduring concern: Karen is passionate about supporting programs that empower and uplift women and community-focused nutrition programs.

During the McGowan fellowship: She contributed to developing an ethical leadership curriculum and has since served as an alumni interviewer.