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Lindsay Rosenstein

MBA Program:


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Current job (2021): Vice president and head of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) at Crestview Partners, a private equity firm focused on middle-market contrarian and distressed investments as well as special situations.

Her role: She evaluates, executes, and monitors investments while building out the firmwide ESG program.

Before Wharton: She worked in investment banking and private equity.

Why an MBA? It was a chance to explore the intersection of investing and social impact, develop leadership potential, and learn from and build relationships with individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

On the social impact project: “I developed a new understanding for how complex and intersected societal issues can be and the need to address both systemic issues as well as individual circumstances to drive meaningful change.”

On the McGowan community: “Being a part of the McGowan community is a lifelong collaboration and commitment to be engaged citizens and ethical leaders.”