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Max Tabb

MBA Program:

University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

McGowan Class of:


Current position: Associate principal at Hayden Consulting Group, a strategic consultancy focused on the biopharma industry.

Location: Boston

On ethics: “To me, ethical leadership means having the awareness to weigh the effects that your actions will have on the groups of people around you, the discipline to evaluate tradeoffs when your actions will prioritize some over others, and the courage to approach these tradeoffs in ways that are consistent with your personal values.”

On the McGowan Fellows: “Capitalism is at a precarious point. While this system has done more than any other to create wealth and opportunity for many, its flaws have perhaps never been so visible. Our society needs leaders who can better balance the competing interests within this system. The challenge is great, but you will not meet a group of people more capable of taking it on than those you are about to meet within the McGowan community.”