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In Denver, 360° Support

Job Skills, Housing, and More for 25,000

People find their way to The Action Center in different ways. Paul, a college graduate and former professional skier, eventually found the center after getting caught up in an embezzlement scheme, putting in jail time, living on the streets, and gaining and losing jobs and housing. Stephanie simply lost her job, hurt her ankle, and ran out of food for her two sons.

Working with more than 50 community partners and assisted by an army of 4,700 volunteers, The Action Center reaches 25,000 people a year with shelter, healthy food, and rent assistance. Even more critical in the booming Denver area, where housing prices are sky high, the center helps clients find their way to independence. The Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program, for example, works with partner agencies to build client skills and, through active case management, helps them obtain a job if they don’t already have one, as well as secure a home. “We firmly believe in the self-determination of our clients,” says Executive Director Mag Strittmatter. “We can be copilots.”

This 2017 grant: $35,000.