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Fellows’ Commitment and Our Promise

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At the McGowan Fellows Program, we ask for commitment. Fellows agree to:

  • Engage in the Emerging Leaders Program and Coaching (time commitment: ~1.5 hours per month). This involves leadership training from CCL, a world-renowned leader in the space, and working one-on-one with CCL-trained McGowan alumni coaches.
  • Collaborate on the social impact project (time commitment: 2-3 hours per week on average).
  • Attend the annual McGowan Symposium on Business Leadership & Ethics (time commitment: 3 days). Fellows meet with business and thought leaders and embark on their leadership and social impact project.
  • Join us at the winter retreat (time commitment: 2.5 days). This gathering focuses on the social impact project. Fellows meet with organizations working with vulnerable populations. For several years, this has meant doing the PIT count, an exceptional experience.
  • Meet again at the spring retreat (time commitment: 2.5–3 days) to complete the second part of the leadership training with CCL and finalize the social impact project. Then the Fellows choose two representatives to present the project to the McGowan board in July.


In return, the Fund offers this promise (alongside second-year tuition!):

The McGowan Fund is fully committed to the development and support of emerging ethical leaders. We promise to support our Fellows through immersive, real-world learning, innovative leadership development curricula, and a growing community of values-driven leaders.